Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living and Loving

HELLLOOOO everyone from Pensacola!
I am sitting on our balcony of our apartment enjoying the wonders of God and the peace before the kids wake up. Now when I get to sit alone in silence my head wonders. Yes, I should be cleaning and I am I have the basket of clothes on the side of me and I fold a bit of clothes as I think of how I want to word my blog and I have dishes washing. Yes, I should be doing my lesson plans and getting ready for next week, but I am taking some me time right now.
Life in Pensacola is wonderful. I finally have a job, Brady's job is going nicely, the kids are getting adjusted to their schools. It is just grand here.
We have found a church that we love. I work on Sunday mornings as the nursery director and on Wednesdays the boys go to cathecism and I teach. It is AWESOME that our little family gets to attend mass every Sunday. That people was a big answer to a big prayer I have had since the day I married my big guy. I have prayed so much for us to be able to all go to mass every Sunday for a while. God made that happen and that has made me happy.
I am sure many family members were not happy about out decision to move so far away, but I hope they see that we are happy and are loving our lives here in Pensacola. This was a great move. It has put much change in me. I know that it's hard to see, but it is doing us a great deal. The boys are learning, we will not see eye to eye on every thing, but we are learning together how to love each other better. They are learning how to forgive and forget. I am learning (slowly) not to get bent out of shape so easily. We have been here for 2 months and I have to say I am able to see much change in our boys. Yes, they still fight and give each others bruises, but that's all siblings. It's a work in progress. When they miss back home we let them get on the phone or we sit and cry it out with them. It's a huge adjustment and it is a one day at a time process, that the Aymonds are doing.
It's nice to be able to sit with Brady on a Saturday evening an watch TV. Yes, it would be awesome to be able to go somewhere nice with him, but him being home is the best. Family dinners at the dining room table, family game nights, family movie night.. YES PEOPLE THIS IS WHY WE MOVED TO PENSACOLA! There is a repeating word.... FAMILY! Our little family of 4 needed this move so we could be a family. Louisiana wasn't giving that to us. Big guy was always gone...always working and he was missing out on all the ups, downs, challenges, and triumphs. Now he is able to participate in all. That is what made us decide to move here.
To my friend who told me that moving will make our little family of 4 closer.. AMEN sista! AMEN!
Our move was not meant to hurt anyone or make anyone sad. OUr move was meant for us to find our family, our happiness, our lives! We have found it! We pray in stays and continues to grow. We hope our families see how happy we are and be happy for us! We love all of you! But, sometimes the baby bird has to move away from the nest in order to find what it needs and learn to grow on its own.
Ok my oldest little one is stirring so momma mode needs to kick in! BE happy for the Aymonds. We are living and loving our NEW life as a family!

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