Saturday, October 15, 2011

Living and Loving

HELLLOOOO everyone from Pensacola!
I am sitting on our balcony of our apartment enjoying the wonders of God and the peace before the kids wake up. Now when I get to sit alone in silence my head wonders. Yes, I should be cleaning and I am I have the basket of clothes on the side of me and I fold a bit of clothes as I think of how I want to word my blog and I have dishes washing. Yes, I should be doing my lesson plans and getting ready for next week, but I am taking some me time right now.
Life in Pensacola is wonderful. I finally have a job, Brady's job is going nicely, the kids are getting adjusted to their schools. It is just grand here.
We have found a church that we love. I work on Sunday mornings as the nursery director and on Wednesdays the boys go to cathecism and I teach. It is AWESOME that our little family gets to attend mass every Sunday. That people was a big answer to a big prayer I have had since the day I married my big guy. I have prayed so much for us to be able to all go to mass every Sunday for a while. God made that happen and that has made me happy.
I am sure many family members were not happy about out decision to move so far away, but I hope they see that we are happy and are loving our lives here in Pensacola. This was a great move. It has put much change in me. I know that it's hard to see, but it is doing us a great deal. The boys are learning, we will not see eye to eye on every thing, but we are learning together how to love each other better. They are learning how to forgive and forget. I am learning (slowly) not to get bent out of shape so easily. We have been here for 2 months and I have to say I am able to see much change in our boys. Yes, they still fight and give each others bruises, but that's all siblings. It's a work in progress. When they miss back home we let them get on the phone or we sit and cry it out with them. It's a huge adjustment and it is a one day at a time process, that the Aymonds are doing.
It's nice to be able to sit with Brady on a Saturday evening an watch TV. Yes, it would be awesome to be able to go somewhere nice with him, but him being home is the best. Family dinners at the dining room table, family game nights, family movie night.. YES PEOPLE THIS IS WHY WE MOVED TO PENSACOLA! There is a repeating word.... FAMILY! Our little family of 4 needed this move so we could be a family. Louisiana wasn't giving that to us. Big guy was always gone...always working and he was missing out on all the ups, downs, challenges, and triumphs. Now he is able to participate in all. That is what made us decide to move here.
To my friend who told me that moving will make our little family of 4 closer.. AMEN sista! AMEN!
Our move was not meant to hurt anyone or make anyone sad. OUr move was meant for us to find our family, our happiness, our lives! We have found it! We pray in stays and continues to grow. We hope our families see how happy we are and be happy for us! We love all of you! But, sometimes the baby bird has to move away from the nest in order to find what it needs and learn to grow on its own.
Ok my oldest little one is stirring so momma mode needs to kick in! BE happy for the Aymonds. We are living and loving our NEW life as a family!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Our new life

Yes, it's been a while! I was getting settled or trying to get settled.

We have been here for almost a month and it still doesn't feel like home. Just feels like we are on an extended vacation. I guess if I had a job I would feel more like a home.

Yes, you read correctly, I am a unemployed teacher who has become a stay at home mom. I don't know how to be a stay at home mom. I clean, cook, and surf the net for employment. That is my life right now. Ummm yeah not for me!
We have found an awesome church. I am really trying to become involved with church. I applied to be a religion teacher assistant and to help with the nursery during Sunday mass. I felt a connection immediately to do all this. God is working.

Speaking of God, I am truly relying on Him at this point. I pray plenty. I pray for guidance. I pray in thanksgiving for giving me the blessings I have earned, I pray for help and control. The same words keep coming to me Be still and listen. Be patient! I am really trying to be obedient, but whoaa it is tough.
I am seriously trying to be a better momma. I have been trying to control my nagging.But, it is happening to slowly for me. I realized that telling my kids I want them to do something instead of do it is helping. PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE seems to help with one, but not the other.

It's tough to divide up my time with the two of them. Little man goes to PRe-K class from 8:15 until 11:15 so he has my attention from 11:15 until 2:10 and before I bring him to school. We play Wii or read stories. Things he likes to do. But when middle man comes home I like to give him the attention he needs. I want him to know I am listening to HIM. But, it is hard cause Little man gets jealous. So I usually cut Middle man's time and we do something all together. Mostly vegetate on the couch cause thunderstorms pop up right as he gets off the bus. Then, we do homework (if you are a parent of one of my former student's.. I apologize for giving homework) It has just been reading so far so not too bad cause little man loves to be read to. But, I know when math, science, SS and other things come home little man will be doing all he can to get my attention.

Life was rough the first couple weeks and we are starting to get in the swing of things. We are getting situated with everything. Middle man loves his school. Little man is having trouble cause he is smart and knows Momma is home and I could be with her, Big man seems to enjoy his new job (doesn't seemed as stressed out), and me I am applying to jobs, visiting the technical college to may be pursue a nursing degree, and well Keeping it all together.

The best thing out of this move is I am finally getting my whole little family to church on Sundays! That in my opinion is the BEST!

Since I have time on my hands I am going to try to write weekly possibly twice a week. Stay tuned for adventures of Three guys and a girl as we live our new life in Florida!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sunshine state of mind!

So my days as a Louisianian are slowly lowering and I think it's time to write this blog. I have been pondering the words to say, but nothing seems to sound right in my head. I wrote a letter to my co-workers at Ossun, but I didn't hit on each individual that I owe thanks too. I haven't spoken up about the thanks to family as well. So here I go. It will be a long blog people so get ready.

Who do I start with.. Ok my Acadiana Moms friends... When I decided to help with the website, I never thought I would meet such great people.. Nancy aka Nana- You have been one of the biggest lifesavers for me. You helped me in a time of need and to that I am GRATEFUL! I could never thank you enough for taking in my babies for 2 weeks! That is just AWESOME. Carlie- Thanks for being an ear to listen and advise. You were also very helpful. Chicken queen and Dame of the Ducks- Thanks for letting me share my teaching experience with you. I loved sharing with you both. Heidi- I thank you for helping me with ideas for work! Erin, Kym, and Kami-Thanks for the late night talks and support as well. You are all awesome. Sorry I only made one T-Coon breakfast, but I loved every minute I shared with you all. Karin-My margarita soul sista! I loved our chats and exchanges of ideas for school. I enjoyed watching your kids grow up. Late night chats will have to continue. Gina- You are a rock for me. Thank you for helping me to ALWAYS keep my Faith. I hold you in a special spot in my heart. Your wise words will always flow in my head. THANKS! All the original Acadiana moms! THANKS for the fun times!

On to my teacher friends. I have lots of you. Marie- I have always enjoyed working with you. Thanks for entrusting me with your"special" students. I enjoyed being able to experience it. Mrs. Susan Lanoue- May be this year Michigan will beat Ohio! I'll miss our rivalry. Jessica and Polly-I don't know what I will do without little gifts (even the disgusting ones). You two are awesome. Thanks for making work enjoyable. Adrienne Dominque-I'll miss our "porch" discussions. Ok bitch sessions! It was nice to have someone from the bayou to work with. Susan Tilly- I'll never find shoulders to fill your spot. You are wonderful and I appreciate the ears and shoulders you lent. God Bless you! Bern- You are the most positive person I know. Thanks for sharing it with me.

Angela - I can never thank you enough for all your help. You have been there for me from start to finish at Ossun. God gave me a great angel here. I would have lost my mind if you and Casey would not have been there for me.

Casey- Just like Angie.. you are God sent! I totally will miss all the help you gave me. I needed you so much last year and I was so glad we were able to work together again. I will miss you and Angie.

Ossun family I love ALL of you!

Now for my family. Without these people our move really would not be happening.

This move is happening because my husband was blessed with a talent. God has made a great plan for him and this is just one part of the plan. Since I met Brady he has always talked about working for a big newspaper. I see this move as part of God's plan to get him to the BIG newspaper. Talent from God is what he has.
But, you see the plan started with his parents giving him life. They have worked hard these past few weeks to help us with the move. They have packed, cleaned, taken care of the kids, and repaired.I am grateful for all there help. I know this move is tough on them, but they are handling with awesomeness.
My brother, Tim, THANK YOU for helping us with some of the repairs. I hope this move makes us even closer. I'll miss you and I can't wait to see my little niece.
My brother,Justin- Thanks for offering to come help us move into the upstairs apartment in Pensacola. I appreciate it.
My mom and dad- Thanks for your help as well.
My boys- You poor darlings have been neglected these past few weeks and I am so sorry. I am sorry for yelling and fussing so much and for stupid stuff. I love you both and all I want is the best for you two. You two are my life now and I live it just for you! I know we will all have a great time living there.
If I missed you, it wasn't intentionally. There are so many people I would love to thank and hug. I hope if you are ever in Pensacola you look me up. I will always welcome everyone with open arms. I now bid goodbye to the lovely state of Louisiana. It will always be "HOME" but now I will visit when I need a fix.
Now I am in a "Sunshine State of mind!"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

All too quickly!

Well looks like we are moving to Florida! Yeap, that's right, we will be Floridians! But, gosh this is happening all so quickly.
Big guy got the call with the offer. More money, Tuesday through Thursday home by 8, and off on Sunday and Mondays! He had to be told to sign the paper. I refused to let him pass up this chance. These people called him to work there, not him looking for the job. That folks in my opinion is a chance of a lifetime. Getting out of the humdrum lifestyle we are in and finally getting to spend time as a family.
I know our family is little saddened by this move, but to me this is the best thing to happen to us.
Family is pulling in to help us. Big guy's mom, dad, and brother have helped in many ways.. taking the kids, packing some boxes, hauling some boxes for storage, and just being there. My brother came today to help fix two light switches. FAMILY that is what it is all about.
I finally see what I want for my boys coming to life. I see my boys finally being able to have friends in the neighborhood. They get to experience the adventures of moving. I think this will help our kids.
But the move is happening so quickly. Big guy has to be there by August 8 and well I am having trouble getting a job because I don't have a Florida address. We have to get an address so we can register the kids for school. OHHH my... my head is spinnning just thinking about it.
We have been trying to purge and pack. It is happening (so I am told) but I am not seeing it. I feel there is still so much stuff we are keeping. UGHHH! Wish that darn money tree would grow so I could just move and get NEW stuff. But, yeah not that lucky.
I am excited and sad all at the same time. Sad as I box up the memories we made here, but happy cause we get to make new memories. There is only one being I owe thanks to for all this.. GOD! He has blessed my husband with a strong talent. This talent has opened a wonderful door for us to walk through. I am pretty sure He isn't going to make it easy for us, but I know that those crosses are so that I remember to keep God close. I am sure these past few days there was only one set of footsteps in the sand, but I know it is because God is carrying me. Thank you Lord for this blessing you are bestowing on me. I glorify your name and sing your praises.
God bless all my friends and family. You have helped me to become the person I am today. I cherish each of you dearly.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

His message to me!

Woke up this morning with 20,000 things in my brain. I decided to sit quietly and do nothing. I got the urge to read in my bible. When I opened up I opened to Deuteronomy Chapter 31:6-- "Be brave and steadfast; have no fear or dread of them, for it is the Lord, your God who marches with you; he will never fail or forsake you."
This was what I needed from my God. I needed it to be sent from HIM. Everyone has been telling me this since the whole things started. I believed it in my heart, but my head kept me from believing it completely. I need God to send me a sign. I feel more at peace after reading this.
Brady has his interview today at 1ish. I hope it goes well. This is when we will find out for certain that this will happen. Also when we finally get a sale on the house and I get a job.
Praying is all I can do now. Praying that everything falls into place. Praying we get the house fixed up as much as possible to be able to sell it. Praying praying praying.

But, somehow I think I am praying for the wrong things. I keep praying for money to fix up the house, I keep praying to sell the house. When I should be praying thanks for giving me a roof over my head and the job to make the money to pay for it and the few repairs we are making on it. I should be praying for the people who are unable to have the things I have because of lack of income or will to try.
I truly believe God will do His will! I need to remember that suffering is part of life and that Jesus suffered for me.
I need to stay positive and just let God do His will.

Now, I am off to have breakfast and get in my closet to rid myself of clothes and stuff I don't need. I will bring it to Goodwill in hopes that someone who is less fortunate will be able to use it.
God bless! May He continue to bless you in all the ways you need!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Changes and questions

Yes, I know I have not posted here in forever. Life is just too hectic to stop and smell the roses sometimes. But, today I decided I need to do just that. I need to get my thoughts and feelings out.
Things are happening right now in our little family that I am trying to put into perspective. Lil guy is starting pre-K this school year, Medium guy is going to second grade, and big guy just got offered a possible new job.
I am trying to get my p's and q's together cause this possible new job is in Florida. I have applied for my teaching certification there and applied in needed counties. (That is hard to type when you have been in parishes all your life.) I have been looking at schools' scores to see whether or not my children will have a good education. Also looking at housing, but that is not on the top of the list of things to do.
This possible change has me feeling weird. I am nervous and excited all at the same time. It is a change that I think will do my guys and me some good. If the hours big guy was quoted are true, this would be a BIG BIG BIG help in my happiness. I love having big guy around to help with the little guys. I also think it would take some of the negativity away from our lives. It is a something we need, but alas it may not happen.
See we bought a double wide mansion and placed it on a dump lot. The people who set up our mansion must not have been able to read cause they blocked it wrong so the mansion is NOT leveled. Of course the pieces that hold the home still are cemented into the ground and well It would be a headache to level oh and money! SO needless to say our home is not in the greatest shape.
We have been here for 8 years and well things are falling off. Big guy and I are planning on doing some of this work to replace, but things like a cracked bathtub, screwed up plumbing, unleveled doors and oh a dishwasher that cannot be fixed unless you tear apart the cabinet are wreaking havoc on us. Not to mention we are both not handy people. I am sure we can read a couple handyman for dummy books and figure it out, but we don't have time or that green stuff called money.
We would have to sell our house the way it is. YEAH RIGHT! I just don't see it happening. But, I will leave that to my best friend in Heaven. He will lead me to the right paths.
May be if I want this so badly, it will happen. Oh and I do want this so badly. I keep telling myself God will not lead to a path that He cannot get me through. My Faith and trust is in HIM!

So if you know a good, cheap handyman or woman who would like to help us out with these repairs or show us what to do, give us a holla!
You are ALL invited to PENSACOLA if we move! Just call before you come so we know to go buy food and sleeping bags. If we don't move y'all are still invited to visit, just give us a heads up so we can buy FOOD and figure out sleeping arrangements. We love company.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Nicole's kids

Really enjoyed photoing these three beautiful children. Loved the practice and hope they are liked. They were so awesome!